Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Quick and dirty

So its been an insane few weeks and I have left you folks hanging. Will try and not let that happen again and I apologize. Moving on, so with all the crazy I have come up with the quick and dirty and very delicious food. (can even be made healthy)What you will need:
 2lbs ground turkey or chicken or beef for heavier fare
0.5lbs frozen corn
1 can black beans
Taco seasoning (I prefer McCormicks but any will do, I also add in red pepper flakes to make it more spicy, amount varies on brand read back)

Literally this easy, Cook ground meat till browned on a a skillet, add beans and corn and taco seasoning (see on pack of packet but usually about a 1/2 cup per 1lbs of ground meat)
1 cup water , turn heat to high and uncover, let liquid soak and boil off, when liquid is gone take off heat and voila, done. Can be eaten alone, with salsa, hot sauce, on a tortilla or even thrown in dip. Tasty quick and simple, the way life should be. If you use turkey instead of beef, even healthy too.