Sunday, January 16, 2011

Random Pork Loin

Yes, yes it is random. So my mum bought a pork loin and gave it to me. I have no idea what to do with one. She gave me some suggestions and then I went off on my own tangent. First you put some spices on it. You can modify to taste but this combo ended up being wonderful. First sprinkle a little salt (kosher if you have it for the granule size.) Some marjoram, cayenne red pepper powder (I love spicey), dried sun roasted tomatoes, tumeric, black pepper, and then freshly minced garic. Throw a very light layer of olive oil, wrap in aluminum foil and let it sit over night (you can do this for a few hours too if pressed for time) Then put into baking pan fat side up (self basting wonderfuness) and pre-heat oven to 350F(180C). You should cook loin for 25 minutes per 0.75lb (0.34kg) loin. If you have a meat thermometer check and middle should get to about 155F(68C) when done. Pull it out and let it rest about 15 minutes. Slice and serve. I found this very yummy and served it with a side of peas,carrots, corn and green beans sauteed in a tablespoon of olive oil with some red pepper flakes and garlic herb spice from Mrs Dash. I cheated a little with spices, suck it. The flavours melded well together. I advise while making the marinate to drink cognac, I really think it helped in my creative process here. Happy with my dinner tonight.

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